What is More Panda Monium?
    More Panda Monium is a project by the team behind 1998 Robot Wars UK
     competitor Panda Monium. The project is to develop the basics from Panda Monium
     and produce a tougher robot for future events. Construction diary pages below 
    More Panda Monium is sponsored by:
Siebe Maxam Pneumatics,
suppliers of all our pneumatic weapons.
Nigel at Hartford Engineering,
suppliers of our wheel hubs and materials.
Russell at Gloria PLC,
suppliers of our CO2 fire extinguisher.
Rick and Noel at RS Karting,
suppliers of our go-kart wheels
     Chapter 1- A New Hope!
     Chapter 2 - Return Of The Panda
     Chapter 3 - Devil Gate Drive
     Chapter 4 - Run Baby Run
     Chapter 5 - Here we go again.
     Chapter 6 - Post PA Trauma
     Chapter 7 - The straw that broke the Panda