This is a front view of More Panda Monium in her completed state. From here you can see the front shovel, steel side panels, polycarbonate top and the pneumatic spike in it's unarmed position.
This is a better picture of Panda. Here the shovel has been raised and the workings can be seen through the polycarbonate top. At the rear is the fire extinguisher holding the Carbon Dioxide. At the bottom are the instrument castors used for front balance.
From the top we get an even better view of the workings inside. Centre of the picture are the C5 motors; mid-robot are the electronics and pneumatic switch valves; rear of the robot are the gas supply and control system. In this shot the spike is in a partially raised angle. The angle can be adjusted and held at any given point, restricted only by the length of the push-rod.

Now we can finally see the spike extended. So far I have only operated the spike at less than half pressure (about 4 bar) because the regulator has a safety cut off fitted....and cut it off is exactly what I intend to do with it!! As you can see the reach of the spike is significant. It was designed with even the smallest robots in mind.
A closer look at the spike itself.
And now in extreme close-up but with the spike once more retracted. You can see the fast release valve under the front hinge. This is designed to create a vacuum at the front of the cylinder (you are escaping gas faster than you are supplying it) which leads to a faster action. The difference in speed between extend and retract is extreme.
This is a close-up of the electronics switch box. It's shot through the polycarb, so it's a bit fuzzy. Note the battery indicators at the top left. Below them are the two mechanical servos and the four accleration/deceleration ramp trimmers. In the middle is the Rx unit and the two orange failsafes. On the right are the three electronic switches used to operate the valve solenoids.
Sorry for the quality of this one - the light wasn't too great. This is really just a rear view. Note how the lights on the switches light up!
A close-up of the gas supply next. The fireextinguisher is behind fairly hefty steel plate, so it should be okay. At the top is the regulator - still with the two meters at the moment. The large silver cylinder is the buffer tank used to buffer the gas flow to the cylinders.
This is a picture from behind the spike. Not much to see really!
And finally, a picture of the Siebe Optima control valves (the three silver boxes on the base). The left one controls the spike, the right controls the spike lifter and the centre one controls the shovel.
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