Chapter 5 - Here We Go Again
Yesterday was the auditions, held at Asylem Studios in Greenford, West London. It was the usual, weigh-in, photos, technical check, driving test affair. We sailed through all but the driving test. Due to the speed controller balance not being quite right, it was ok but not great.
We did get some good feedback from Mat (Irvine) and others about the completed MPM.
But I've missed out a whole bunch of stuff. Basically, I've been flat out on the robot for the past 3 weeks. Chris and Linda have moved away and although we did get to spend a few hours on MPM together, I've mostly be trying to get things finished solo. It has been hard work - it's difficult to start to make decisions alone when you've got used to thinking as a team. Chris has been supporting me by mail and phone.
Basically we have received all the pneumatics from Siebe. The spike and shovel have all been fitted and tested using some CO2 I got from BOC Gases. I got a decanting system which is intended for paint ball guns and fitted a new connector to it so that it works for the fire ex. The connector was difficult to get hold of. It's a right hand thread, 0.860in by 14 turns per inch female connector. Not sold easily, but the paintball company sold me one. No one knows what they are called because they are used in vending etc so they are not commonly available.
I also bought 3 electronic switches, made by Dan Danick and sold through Adam Clark's e-shop. These have been connected up to the 4 pneumatic cylinders to control the solenoids. 2 are single RCE110s (firing the spike and shovel) and the other is a duel RCE220 used for the little lifting cylinder. This has resistors on it so you can control the rate of movement.
The sides and back of MPM have been made from steel and the top is now made from Maclon polycarbonate. The whole frame has been painted yellow with black sides and a white shovel. Dawn's brother Keith is going to paint our new logo on the shovel soon. See the logo on the first diary page. Photos are now available under 'Pictures'.