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      Diary of The Sons Of Eric - The story of a robot
The following pages are the thoughts, pictures and story of the development of Panda Monium, our Robot Wars UK 1998 entry. The story is told pretty much as it happened and was written as the events unfolded. This means that some 'obvious' things may not be there while other texts are out of context. I don't apologise for this - it gives a more realistic view of how it all came together (and often fell apart). If any of this helps you in your own robot building then that's great. If it entertains you at least, that's good too. If not, sorry but that's the way it happened!

Pete Collier, September 1998

Dear diary 1 - The beginning
Dear diary 2 - The work begins
Dear diary 3 - The barbeque
Dear diary 4 - The Panda hots up
Dear diary 5 - The frantic madness (includes rehersals)
Dear diary 6 - Post Traumatic Stress
Dear diary 7 - Robot Wars 1998