You were always on my grind...
This was supposed to be a breath-taking action shot of Chris grinding, with sparks flying all over the workshop (and me!). Instead, we have a picture of Chris and Panda and about 3 sparks if you look really, really closely...who's idea was it to have a white board behind him?
Surf's up!
Another fine action shot. This time we have Chris demonstrating the supreme strength of the Panda by surfing on it. I had already attempted this and as it survived me, it was a fair bet that Chris was safe enough. 

After this we did both stand on it and jump up and down for a bit - I think the welds are strong enough. Sadly, as I don't have a video capture, I can't include Linda's wonderful video of me surfing on the chassis! *cough*

You've been framed, Mr Panda
The chassis is finally completed. As you can see, we now have all four side impact bars in place (yes, the Panda has SIPS) and a cross-bar in the middle of the body. This picture also shows it bolted to the base. The rear connectors are hinged so that we can raise the chassis for maintenance. The Panda is starting to develop so weight now, so that is good as well.