Here are a selection of photos from the heady world of Panda Monium.
Best laid plans of Mice and Pandas...
Scaly Panda Shells
This is the first scale model we produced of the Panda. It showed up some design problems and was worth the couple of hours spent on it.
Chairs very much, Mr Panda
The chassis is the first main development we are working on. It may not look much here, but you didn't see it when we started!! By the time it is finished it should give us all the strength we need, so that we can concentrate on offensive weapons rather than watching our backs...
Make it So-ho..
I don't know about you, but I do like to see a man working...No, really, Chris isn't crying here!! This is the long process of heating and bending of much of the frame. We found the heating was much more effective if you removed the surrounding paint first, so here we see the use of a file being demonstrated by my lovely assistant :-)
My first photographic appearence on this website!! 

What we have here is a partially complete chassis. I was trying to check that the dimensions were within those that we set for the Panda on the plans above. In practise, it's not really very convenient to stick ridgedly to that plan, but it is good to have a plan to work from. At this point it still doesn't look too much like the shape in the plans but....

Finally, the shape starts to appear. This is Panda chassis with two wheels in place (but not fixed). The base is not shown here and the middle uprights have yet to be welded into position. There should be no problems with weight or size, based on this little beast!!