We only ever think about work...
Another fine action shot - of me cooking for the barbeque. And no, the sausages were not burnt. Well, not very anyway. Apart from the sacrificial sausage. I'll get me coat....!
Wheel meet again...(sorry)

As seems to be obligitory for Robot Wars websites, here is a picture of our wheel bearings. Now, before you start laughing, these are only temporary housings. They have RS steel bearing units inside, but we figured we could do the work faster using wood. The chipboard wasn't a great idea as it splits quite easily, but it proves a point.
Behind you...

This is a view up the back of the Panda (not very lady like, but then she doesn't tend to be). You can see the wheels and motors in there and the frame attached. No electronics yet though.
...don't know where, don't know when (sorry - again)
This is an above view of the drive tackle in place. Not really much to say about it. The gears are RS as well. They give about 15 : 50 ratio (if I remember right) which reduces the speed to somewhere around 6mph. Puts the power up a fair bit too!
And this is a very dull picture of me videoing the Panda (and Chris if I remember). Linda was taking the picture. I'm sure the video side of this is even more gripping!