22nd July 1998:
Our reaction to Saturday was pretty much the same. We knew that we had done everything in our powers to prove that the Panda was capable of taking part, but it was down to Mentorn to decide. We both resolved not to dwell on the negatives, but to focus on the things we had learnt - the Panda was quick, but under-powered, the drive chain needed to be more securely fixed and we needed reserve batteries. We'd also learnt a bit about driving the thing.
We decided that there wasn't time to mess around and wait for a call from Mary-Jane (Evans, associate producer) so we started to put the plans in place. The failsafes were ordered, batteries recharged and the lifting spike was worked on. We made the decision that even if we didn't get into the show, we would fight in one of the live events next year. We took the plunge and ordered some more powerful Sinclair C5 motors, bought a new MDF base and started re-assembling the Panda. We also decided to stop pissing around with homemade bearing houses and buy them - the ones we made were knackered after the crashes anyway. All of this was just a case of 'more of the same'.
27th July 1998:
Today we received a letter from Mentorn. We weren't to be included in the main event, but we were going to be allowed into a heavyweight battle to be included in the show. At first we were disappointed. Then we realised that this meant we would definately get to fight, so we were well up for it. Panda progress continued unabated. Still no sign of the C5 motors though.
10th August 1998:
Things are getting uncomfortable now. One week to go and the C5 motors have only just turned up. We have been asked to attend the first block as a reserve robot - if someone cannot perform on the day, then we are in for real. This is great, but we still don't have things going. We have got the spike working well, but the motors are not properly mounted. A quick trip to RS and we have some more pulley parts. The first motor mounts are made from 1mm thick steel and they aren't strong enough. I'm beginning to wonder if this thing will ever move! The cutting discs have now been abandoned for good - we simply don't have time anymore.
16th August 1998:
The last three weeks have been a nightmare, but there's no turning back. Following on from several late nights, we are finally there. I have had to re-build the motor mounts using 3.5mm steel and we have 2 sets of 3 7Ah batteries to power the motors. We haven't had time to paint her, 
   but we have run her in the Ericsson car park and she goes well - smooth, controllable, powerful: everything Panda MkI wasn't. We don't know what will happen in London, but we are as ready as we could be given the circumstances. It's showtime!!
We bundled the Panda into my car on the morning of the 17th August, put in some tools, batteries, cookies and anything else we could find and set out for Victoria Docks, Docklands, South London. It was 6:00am....