antweight world series rules

This page contains a full, official set of versions of the Antweight World Series (AWS) rules.

Version Link Notes
4.3 (Current) (HTML) Revised, simplified and reworded. Dec 2019
4.2 (HTML) Revised and reworded.
4.1 (HTML) Revised and reworded. Metal armour rules removed.
4.0 (HTML) Revised and reworded. Super ants removed.
3.1 (HTML) Minor corrections only.
3.0 (HTML) Updated from v2.3 with new sections and clarifications of some text. Separation of construction rules from competition rules.
2.3 (HTML)  
2.2a (HTML)  
2.1 (HTML)  
2.0 (HTML) First update on the original rules. Used from World Series 3.
1.0 (HTML) Original antweight rules. Basic rules used in the early World series competitions.