antweight world series

The Antweight World Series began in 1998 almost as a joke. A few people began building antweights and it was decided to hold a competition. Knowing full well that the people competing were coming from a very small area in England – it was deliberate irony that caused it to be called the Antweight World Series.

Since that first competition antweights have gone from strength to strength and become the second most popular weight class after heavyweight. World Series 10 marked the first competition outside the UK and competitors have come from UK, Ireland, Sweden and Holland.

The competition has always had its own set of rules (link to current set), although loosely based on the original Robot Wars rules. The basics are simple – a wheeled robot must be under 150g in weight and fit inside a four inch cube.

A complete volume of rules can be found here.

A list of all Antweight World Series events can be found here.