This page is for MPM specific links and information. Some links may be available on other areas of RobotWars 101, but we deemed them useful enough to be included again.
Check out the Electromail section on the RS website. The CD-ROM catalogue gives you full access to the RS range, plus data sheets, etc. Delivery is fast and the quality of goods is excellent, if a bit pricey.
Next up is Bull Electrical. Without them, we would've probably been beaten by cost factors. If you are ever in Hove, it is worth visiting just for the surreal experience.
The best source of information on Speed Controllers and related robot stuff is 4QD. We also used their NCC speed controllers and have had good results. Always very helpful with email enquiries.
Finally, if you have any money left after building your robot, you could do worse than give a few pennies to the Pandas via the World Wildlife Fund. They do great work for Pandas and other endangered animals, so at least take a look.