Meet the team

Meet The Team!

Pete Collier has been fighting robots since 1998. I don't know why he hasn't stopped yet, but you'd think he'd know better. A software and web designer by trade and an engineer by training, he has a slightly obsessive side to his interest in axe mechanisms and pants jokes!
Steve Bracewell made the mistake of answering an email asking for help building a robot. Since then his life has consisted almost entirely of lifting his Pants on and off the table in Pete's garage. His philosophy on engineering is, if it can't be done with a large hammer, its not worth doing!
Cathy Drinkwater joined the team with Steve and has had an uncanny knack of pointing out the bloody obvious that the others have completely missed. Her trick with masking tape has to be seen to be believed, but asking her to put on decorative metallic tape is generally a bad idea.
There are two more part time members of the team: Amelie and Megan. They help with the decoration of the robot and hiding the tools in the garage. Although Megan likes to 'help' daddy with the building, mummy doesn't think this is such a good idea.