Rule 2b: Robot size limits

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Re: Rule 2b: Robot size limits

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Simon Windisch wrote:So I was thinking about this and the first argument in this thread is interchangable with any other rule that you don't like so
I didn't start the thread so it wasn't meant to be a point I was making, just a comment. I replied to another thread and I think someone moved it and made it look that way :-?

Might build one that is 150g and not worry too much about 4" cubes as you suggested Dave just for events that i'm at with the feathers/heavies to mess around with, but probably won't go out of my way to do so, just if I ever get the parts. Not a big fan of 1 days events when they're 6-7 hours drive there and back so probably won't attend many anyway, don't think it'll be any bigger than those daft kits so should be fine for messing around with. I'll put a flame thrower on it too if thats another rule I can break though :wink:

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Re: Rule 2b: Robot size limits

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petec wrote:Let's be clear - antweights are built on two (and only two) basic premise. These are the 4" cube and the 150g weight. If you take either of these away, they are no longer antweights but something else instead.
Aus, USA, and Brazil all have 150g antweights (fairyweights for the yanks :lol: ) without a 4" cubic ruling, and they are certainly still antweights. There is certainly creativity and good competition.
petec wrote: Every class of combative robot has had a size restriction, otherwise you cannot practically hold competitions. In our case, the arenas need to have a sensible drop off to allow the victories. If you allowed a 1m long 1cm wide antweight, how would anyone build an arena to cope? (I exaggerate to prove the point of course).
Yet, Aus, USA and Brazil once again have been battling for years without size limits and the competitions are certainly not affected by it. Your example is valid in theory, but when it comes to the real world, building a over sized robot to prevent your from being pushed out of the arena will limit any form of combat by the robot to the point it would not be competative and would lose on judges decision.
petec wrote: Ants have to fit in a 4" cube and 150g - these two rules cannot be compromised without it no longer being antweights.
The rest of the world says otherwise :)

I'm not commenting in this section because I want to change the rules you guys run (Hey, it's not like the cube rule affects me over this side of the globe :P ) but I found your reasoning behind keeping such a rule to be very lacking in evidence, as the rest of the world runs the same weight class and has no problems without it.
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Re: Rule 2b: Robot size limits

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I just think that too avoid arguments and the such robots that are over 4 inches should be put in a seperate class to the robots that are under 4 inches but the ones that are over 4 inches must be able to fit off of the edge of the arena so there would'nt be any anti-pit type antweights and there should be no spiners in the over 4 inch category as a safety precaution

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Re: Rule 2b: Robot size limits

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The ones that are over 4 inches are indeed in a separate class - not in the competition.

We already have a fleaweight and a non spinner competition, we don't need a special class for people who can't build robots that fit into the cube IMHO.