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Ant Battery

Post by Spaceman »

I noticed the usual battery of choice (the hobbyking 180 2S appears to now be gone.

Would you be able to recommend a good replacement that is either a similar or smaller size please?

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Re: Ant Battery

Post by Oasis »

if you meant not sold any more, these are still being sold (but they're out of stock and quite pricey as of current) - ... -5pcs.html
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Re: Ant Battery

Post by MarkR »

No, those are out of stock too. I picked some up at the beginning of the year and I noticed there is now a big shortage of small lipo packs, even the usual ebay sellers which Kyro recommended don't have any more small packs (<300mah)

There are still some 300mah 2s packs on HK but they're a bit on the large/heavy side, last time I checked those were about 20g, I've used them though.
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Re: Ant Battery

Post by Kyro »

seen these ... -2550c-97g

but never dealt with them or this website before though so i can't say whether they are any good
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Re: Ant Battery

Post by MySolderIsOlder »

All a bit worrying. Unless someone comes up with an economical and reliable alternative to the 180mah NanoTech lipos, the 150g ant class could be in for some real challenges.

I managed to pick up a few of the 2s packs when HK were knocking them out dirt cheap, so I've got enough of those to see me through for a year or so - but for the 180mah 3S, I'm down to my last couple of spares. Nearest equivalents I've seen are at least 10g heavier, which would blow the weight limit for me. Going to have to start being super-careful with their discharge levels :o

ComponentShop used to sell tiny 75mah 1S cells with basic leads, from which I made my own 2S packs when weight' & size was really critical - but doesn't look like they're available any more either. Seen various similar looking 1S bare-wire cells on AliExpress but not convinced they'd cope with the required discharge rates. Ho hum!
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Re: Ant Battery

Post by James Williams »

Hobbyking do have a 260mah lipo, which looking at the dimensions listed would only be slightly bigger than than the old 180's, so at least there's an option. ... s_products

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