Graphene Batteries

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Graphene Batteries

Post by Henwilled Antweight team »

I have looked, and they don't seem to be eligible in the rules as they are not in the table of eligible battery chemistry, but I saw a featherweight used a graphene battery so I am unsure weather you can use them or not. I do know that they are lipo batteries that have been enhanced. But they are expensive if I buy them and can't use them. So can you use them?
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Re: Graphene Batteries

Post by Shakey »

It's probably a battery from the Turnigy Graphene range (Available from Hobbyking) which are still just LiPo so you can use them.
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Re: Graphene Batteries

Post by MarkR »

I get the impression that Hobbyking / Turnigy would claim their batteries contained Mithril and Dilithium crystals if they thought people would believe it :)

I'm sceptical that this actually makes any difference, I think they're just normal lipo really, with a layer of unobtanium to make them sound more special.
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Re: Graphene Batteries

Post by EddieJ »

Yea I have a Tunigy graphene battery, its a LiPo. As a side note that the JST is wired back to front with the red and black switched on the one I bought. So yea...that's helpful ... rewire that!
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