12-15 June, 2008 - RoboGames in San Francisco

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12-15 June, 2008 - RoboGames in San Francisco

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David Calkins wrote:It's that time again! The World's largest robot competition.

I loved meeting so many of you in Wales last year, and I really hope that you can make it to SF this year.

We're offering US$2000 for the HW champ, so let's see those 100kg robots! The rules are all copacentic at this stage (as Andy points out, ours aren't the easiest to read.. But your pneumatics are all allowed.)

The only changes you should be aware of:
1) 100kg means 100kg. It doesn't mean 102kg. Our scales are the final word.
2) We've had to switch to encoded transmitter/reciever pairs. This means regardless of your freq, it has to be an encoded-mated pair. e.g., Spektrum, XPS, etc. There can be no chance that your Tx can commuicate with someone else Rx and vice versa.

Beyond that, I really think that, based on what I saw this summer in Wales, you guys have a great chance to pick up some medals. With the brazilian teams, Canadian teams, Australians, etc - this will TRULY be a world championship.

If you can make, I hope you'll be able to compete in 3kg sumo (basically a 3kg wedge bot), humanoids, and other events. There are 80 events in all, so you've got lots to choose from!

Hope to see you!

Also open for fairyweight (UK ants) and of course feathers.

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