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Post by BeligerAnt »

No sooner has the trophy come to rest in a very happy Nathan's bedroom :wink: than the planning starts for the next one...

Where: Brighton
When: Late June / Early July

Probably the same venue as AWS13, but we need to book it yet!

Also... the first AWS autonomous minisumo competition! (See separate thread).

Details will be posted here and on as they become available.
Gary, Team BeligerAnt
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Post by Flippt »

This is gonna be my first AWS event for almost a year now! I will come, even if I have to swim over to get there!

Team Jag will be back, with improved and kick ass robots ;)
Swedish style!
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Post by Andrew_Hibberd »

Can't wait

Should have the sumo robot working by then as well 8)
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Post by Craig_Anto3 »

going to bring a full arsenel to 20, will have all 4 ants, anto new and improved Dave 3, a flipper and a walker, plus a new Anto X and Super Anto
build is in prosess hoping to bring something to play soon ;)
Adam Hargreaves
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Post by Adam Hargreaves »

I'll have a full army too-Autonomous, Super, maybe a flea, and 4 ants. I'll have finished my A-levels by then (last one is English, I do believe-it's usually the last exam of the sessions)
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Post by josh »

ill be there. new merge new speedy maybe a walker and a flea as well as a super
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Post by bobblebot »

I am hoping I can make this one. Brighton is pretty close to us as far as these events go. If I can make it Bobblebot will be there and so will Antisocial if it is done.

The only danger is exams :evil: . July is not a good time for doing social stuff when you have a few GCSE exams for most subjects and then end of year exams :)
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Post by EpicentrE »

Hope to have Void (fully working this time!) and the new shiny Zenith ready for this one :)
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Post by Remote-Controlled Dave »

This one's gonna be a big one isn't it! I'll have a full team as usual, plus a few spares driven by other people. July's fine for me, all exams and work experience will be out the way by then I reakon. Getting to Brighton is gonna be a hell of a trip though!
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Post by BeligerAnt »

I didn't realise I needed to hire the Brighton Centre for the whole weekend! :o

With all these ants promised and hopefully around 8-10 minisumo bots it's going to be a long day I fear...

Note to self:
To do:
Book hall
Persuade Mrs BeligerAnt to cook the sausages
Fix Antipathy's receiver
Rebuild RONNY from the ground up
Build Super Ant with Bethany's help
Build minisumo bot and write software
Remember this is fun! :wink:
Gary, Team BeligerAnt
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