AWS 60 - Headington, Oxford - 30th Nov 2019

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Re: AWS 60 - Headington, Oxford - 30th Nov 2019

Post by Kyro »

i think it should be kept simple... that was a double knockout so therefore should have been restarted...

i completely missed the fight so i didnt see it, only the aftermath... but a double knockout should have lead to restart... if theres not much time left, then judged up til the double knockout...

however if a spinner has caused massive damage and goes into the pit, the opponent should have to show movement to stop a potential restart if a devastating blow caused the spinner to go into the pit and significant damage to the opponent...

keep it simple so that there's no grey areas...
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Re: AWS 60 - Headington, Oxford - 30th Nov 2019

Post by GeorgeR »

I think the decision was consistent with how the rules have been applied in the past, but I do think the rule is a poor one, and one that should be changed.

Firstly; I don't believe Cosmic Burgervan counted as being pitted. The majority of the robot was still in the arena - if Combatant hadn't gone in the pit I'm pretty sure CB would have been counted out for a KO, rather than being declared the loser immediately because of the section in the pit.
Therefore we are in a situation where one robot is pitted, and the other is immobile, but the pitted robot went down the pit before the immobile robot could be counted out. This has happened before, and under the rules currently it's a win for the immobile robot. (the pit is instant KO, as opposed to being immobile, where you are KO'd after 10 seconds without movement)

I personally think, in this situation, it would be better to have the judges make a decision, or maybe have a restart to determine the result rather than automatically giving the loss to the pitted machine.
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Re: AWS 60 - Headington, Oxford - 30th Nov 2019

Post by MySolderIsOlder »

Well I see from the Team Panoramic YouTube page that the vid is scheduled to premiere at 19:30 tonight. So very soon we'll all be able to re-live those controversial moments in glorious Technicolour!
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