Ant Freeze 6 - 2nd Feb 2019 confirmed

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Ant Freeze 6 - 2nd Feb 2019 confirmed

Post by limpet »

I’m about to look for a venue for Ant Freeze 6 in January,
Currently the favourite is in Earl Shilton which is easily accessible. It’s a bigger venue than the last one as that one is starting to get too small. This being the case I’ll be looking at charge a small amount per team to help toward the cost of the hire.
As usual there will be a full tournament and Nuts, Annihilator etc but this year I’d like to run a full Flea tournament as the class has lacked any action for a while.

Any interest please let me know with a yes/no, don’t worry it’s not binding, I’ll add a signup link once the venue is confirmed.

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Re: Ant Freeze 6 - 2019

Post by peterwaller »

Always a great event I shall be there if at all possible.

Derek Dudge
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Re: Ant Freeze 6 - 2019

Post by Derek Dudge »

I'd be up for this 😁
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Re: Ant Freeze 6 - 2019

Post by Spaceman »

If I can will be along
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Re: Ant Freeze 6 - 2019

Post by voorsk »

count me in! :D
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Re: Ant Freeze 6 - 2019

Post by Ocracoke »

I can probably make this. ;)
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Re: Ant Freeze 6 - 2019

Post by suvv »

if i can get down ill be there will hopefully have new stuff too
how hard can it be???
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Re: Ant Freeze 6 - 2019

Post by Zanbots »

I live round here. I will take part.
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Re: Ant Freeze 6 - 2019

Post by razerdave »

All being well, I’ll be there :). And it gives me an excuse to visit some friends who actually live in Earl Shilton:).

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Re: Ant Freeze 6 - 2019

Post by TeamPanoramic »

Any update on what's actually happening with this year's event?

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