AWS56 - 13th October, Bristol

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Re: AWS56 - 13th October, Bristol

Post by razerdave »

You’re welcome to call me on 07846410905

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Re: AWS56 - 13th October, Bristol

Post by UserFriendly »

Not going to make it to this one. :( I was really hoping to, but life gets in the way etc... Hope to battle with y'all another time!
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Re: AWS56 - 13th October, Bristol

Post by Derek Dudge »

Best of luck to everyone going to this tomorrow! Sadly I got too much on this month for travelling that far this time. And my best bot is still not rebuilt from the last AWS haha.

Hope you all have a great day though and I'll hopefully see some of you at Ant Freeze 6.

Is someone filming at this?
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Re: AWS56 - 13th October, Bristol

Post by Zanbots »

Cheers guys. Had a great day out. Think I had a 6 in a row winning streak best run of luck so far. Feeling very satisfied as for a little while my robots ran to their potential.

A well run event that finished impressively early. Thanks to Joe and Dave. You ran it with charm and professionalism. And thanks to all the other Bristol bot builders who assisted with the event.

Congratulations team oink 1st and 2nd is a staggering result.
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Re: AWS56 - 13th October, Bristol

Post by Mcmad »

Thanks to everyone involved in putting this on, Craig (Firestarter) had a ball despite catching his finger.

Special thanks to Shakey for answer all our questions, Pete fit the acetate strip and all the other we talked to

We’ll definitely be back, hopefully with more robots and possibly some that are competitive

Just the 450 mile drive back home tomorrow now


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Re: AWS56 - 13th October, Bristol

Post by GeorgeR »

Big thanks to Dave, Joe and the rest of the BBB crew for a great event. I had an excellent time despite my teams generally abysmal performance.

For those who weren't there the top 4 were;
3)Test Robot Please Ignore
4)Wedge Wedge Wedge

Congratulations to Team Oink for a dominant 1st and 2nd place.
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Re: AWS56 - 13th October, Bristol

Post by peterwaller »

Yes thanks to Dave Joe and the other helpers for a great event which turned out to be one of the slickest yet finishing by 4.00 pm.

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Re: AWS56 - 13th October, Bristol

Post by Spaceman »

Thanks guys

A greatly run event and we had a blast. Think my buddy shaun was impressed enougth to do his own bot now.
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Re: AWS56 - 13th October, Bristol

Post by samSpinCrazy »

Have a really great time thank you so much for letting me use P.O.W (plank of wood) had so much fun using it and I think you all did too now time to remake spin crazy again and work on a new cluster idea I have see you all next time
thx again for a great time


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Re: AWS56 - 13th October, Bristol

Post by joebrown »

Thanks all, glad you enjoyed it.
There were some fantastic robots and fights and you were all very patient with the quick turn arounds between fights :)
See you all soon at more events I'm sure.

Not to self promote *too much* but if Bristol isn't too far from home for you, we're doing an ant social (1v1 comp, 2v2 comp, football, assult course, boss fight) on the 28th October, more details here:

And our regular Bristol Bot Builders members like to chat on our facebook group, feel free to join:

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