AWS 48, Basingstoke, 21st November 2015

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Re: AWS 48, Basingstoke, 21st November 2015

Post by Rapidrory »

Have to say it was great being able to see your fights well in advance; it let me know how long I had to try and get Bad Idea going again (a futile task sadly) :L

Compared to my efforts at the last AWS, I did pretty appallingly; Bully and Bad Idea went out in 2 straight fights, and Skutter and Why Wait only managing a little better.. I think the whole Bad Idea catching fire in my first fight shook me up a bit, and by the time I recovered I'd already lost most my lives :L Ah well.. planning to be back with more spinners next time :)
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Re: AWS 48, Basingstoke, 21st November 2015

Post by peterwaller »

I had a bad showing with most of my robots.
Both Termite Cluster (track cut) and Combatant (lemon receiver died) went out in their first and only battle.
Flippant did better but due to opening the flipper at the wrong time to a spinner lost the wires off the battery.
My lemming lost its scoop as did arena noise and on n two of the gearboxes came apart and I have lost the initial gear on both.
Of my ants only Anticyclone came off undamaged apart from a few scratches and all the fleas survived as did my other two nano's.
Still had a good time which is a bit worrying but at least it gives me plenty to keep me busy over the cold winter months.

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Re: AWS 48, Basingstoke, 21st November 2015

Post by razerdave »

Since he forgot to post it, Harry's video (up on Monday)

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