Reading Robot Club 19 at Robots Live 24-25 Oct 2009

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Post by Andrew_Hibberd »

Thanks Pete and Simon it was good fun, nice to see more ants than heavies and feathers combined.

Did you record the spinner melee simon, i didn't see it in the videos.

Socrates Christidis
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Post by Socrates Christidis »

Thanks to Peter for managing the impossible: co-ordinating an antweight competition during a heavyweight/featherweight event.

Thanks to Simon for being the perfect ambassador for antweights, and also a cameraman, help desk and many more things.

Also, I think this event was the end for 40MHz for me. The hussle was too much. It's time for 2.4GHz.

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Post by peterwaller »

I can't remember who it was but someone asked for a link to the 200mah batteries from HiModel at $4.22 or ?2.59 each. ... ancer.html

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Team Orr
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Post by Team Orr »


just saying it was a great event, im sorry i couldnt be wive the ants more, but nnwe of my ans were in a working state and i had to fix my heavyweight and featherweights, learn how to drive them, fill them up wth c02 etc etc, ants are still awsome though so i came over whenever i could, thanks to simon for setting all this up nd being agreat embassidor, and a huge thak you to pete for running around getting stuff organised (mainly running after me lol :P) and also for letting me drive "valliant for 1 day only" aka no so flippant 2 :)

@pete: ta, it was me who asked for that, me and my dad hav ordered 10 :o :o :o :roll:

ta again

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Simon Windisch
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Post by Simon Windisch »

I seem to remember videoing the spinner melee, Andrew, Sorry if it didn't make it to youtube, I only edited out the bits where I forgot to stop recording after a battle!


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