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1202 Featherweight

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After an Ill advised visit to a radio rally, I came home with a motor

its seams to look something like a wiper motor but is bigger. my research says is 90W and weighs about 5kg with a 120 RPM.

In a sense its probably a horrible motor for a featherweight.


Thinking of using it to try and make a featherweight.

Ideas I am pondering on it at the min are:

1) Something a bit onslaught like (big RC car) - Neat but maybe complex to construct

2) Featherweight OAF - Bit of fun but not as competitive and making that sphere...

3) Walking robot akin to stomp - 2)

Anyhow If there is one thing I have learnt its to listen to wiser people than me. so any thoughts on the above?


Team 1202

Robototron (Flipper)
Crabulon (Walker)

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