Drill motor and gearbox sets for sale

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Drill motor and gearbox sets for sale

Post by Roboteernat »

I have got my large consignment of custom drill motor and gearbox assemblies direct from factory in China and now able to sell them.
I am selling through www.teamsc.co.uk, or you can email me npoate @ hotmail .com or DM me here or through the FRA forums.

The specs are:

12v RS550 single speed
18v RS550 single speed
ALL METAL gearbox
Gearbox casing is screwed together, not a clip twist.
With LH M5 countersunk screw
Motor is 20,000 rpm with a 36:1 2 stage planetary gearbox
RPM approx 550 no load
Running amps are about 2.1A
Stall current is unknown at this stage, but its as you would find on a common drill.
Torque rating is 22nm.

additional cross head countersunk M5x20 LH screws , Cap socket head LH M5x30 are also available amongst other lengths
I also sell mounts to suit these drills (along with others) currently £10 a set for 1 motor.
I am also selling my TSC gearboxes (Battenbox), as well as quick grab links and my wheel hubs and wheels for a bolt on ready to go assembly.

Please check out my website at www.Teamsc.co.uk
https://www.fightingrobots.co.uk/thread ... ight-items for details.

Some projects done: Wirelessly controlled mechanical hand/arm
Heavyweight: Short Circuit
Antweight robot : Locking wheel nuts, dell-apidated bANTtry...
Featherweight : Wanna Choppa, CASPer
Check out http://www.Roboteernat.co.uk for more details
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