Featherweight clusterbot

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Featherweight clusterbot

Post by Hogi »

Hi guys. Im just wondering, what are the rules in feathers regarding clusters. Is there a 50% rule and if so, is it by weight or number? Thanks.
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Re: Featherweight clusterbot

Post by James Williams »

Hi Daniel

As of right now the official FRA rules http://www.fightingrobots.co.uk/documen ... ations.pdf state that if one segment of a clusterbot is immobilized the entire robot is considered knocked out. It does not specify how the size or weight has to be distributed so as long as your entry would be under the limit (13.6kg) it would not matter.

One other thing to consider is EO's will sometimes use the FRA rules as a guide so this rule would not necessarily apply. It would be worth checking with whoever is running the event first.
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Re: Featherweight clusterbot

Post by Roboteernat »


It may be worth asking this on the FRA forums under the featherweights section too, if you have not been there yet, as lots of featherweight discussions and higher classes happen there too :)
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