Will's Fleaweights.

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Will's Fleaweights.

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I suppose it's about time I had a thread for my fleas :)

I've had a lot of sub standard fleas lately (apart from Mini Red) so I thought it was time that I built some new ones :)

First up to join the team is Hex. As the name suggests its a 6 wheel drive pusher which uses 6 of the new Shockbots 'Nanobox' gearmotors integrated into the chassis. Its all run off of a single cell Lipo to keep it simple and hopefully effective.

The design

And the finished chassis- needs final assembly and wiring.

I also plan to build some sort of spinner flea next. Probably a rebuild of Inertia XS so I can have the full set from nano to heavyweight :)
Will Thomas
Team Shock

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