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I know I mentioned this in my Antweight section but decided it should really have gone here.
I have written a book called Small Combat Robots and it is published as an e-book on Kindle price £9.99. ... bat+robots.
It covers
1 Introduction
2 Combat Rules And Arena Design
3 Types Of Antweight Robot
4 The Electronics Of An Antweight Robot
5 Servo Drive Systems
6 Motor Gearbox Drive Systems
7 Basic Electronic Theory For Robots
8 Robot Speed Controller Design
9 Different Controller Implementations
10 Mechanical Drive Systems
11 Construction Techniques
12 Improving Grip
13 3D Cad Tips
14 Fleaweights
15 Nanoweights
16 Designing A Pusher
17 Designing A Lifter
18 Designing A Flipper
19 Designing An Elastic Powered Flipper
20 Designing A Vertical Spinner
21 Designing A Drum Spinner
22 Designing A Horizontal Spinner
23 Useful Robot Components

Or maybe it's a chance for another shameless plug. :wink:
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