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I recently ordered a sheet of carbon fibre online,but noticed,when paying for it,that I could bypass the ?5 p&p charge by picking it up myself.It was a local company,less than 10 miles away.
I bought a sheet of CF,250mm x 250mm,for ?15.
Anyway,when I arrived to pick it up,I got chatting to the guy that works there,and it turns out they do a lot of pieces for Rc heli's,and other one off items. He said that he would be happy to chat to anyone,and was willing and able to work from sketches,CAD files,or even hand made plugs or moulds.Very nice chap,so I thought I would mention it here.

(His boss was in the process of having an exhaust manifold 3d printed for his race car!!).
So here is the website...
I am willing and able to pick stuff up from there,and bring to meetings,or just post stuff much cheaper than them,if anyone wants me to.
Cheers Jim. :)

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