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for sale!!

Post by Jonny »

hello i am going to sell some of my bits and bobs to make cash for new project. for sale i have:

lego wheels, 60mm diameter 20mm width weigh 28 grams.
50p each. 6 available.

lego pneumatic ram un modified.
?3 each. 2 available.

lego pneumatic switch un modified.
?3 each. 3 available.

lego pneumatic tubing. got a whole load of random lengths about 2m total?
?1 the lot.

Other Stuff...

lego pneumatic valve fully modified. aluminium on front and back.
?6.50. 1 available

dodgy modified valve. is modified but leeks very slightly when flipper is in the up position, is still usable as very slight leak and flipper won't be in up position for long :)

large sheet of 0.5mm steel from road sign about 1.5m by 1m.
whole sheet ?8.50 or could sell parts of it.

edit: sorry if pricing seems a bit steep but need cash for project i'm going to be doing over christmas.

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