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Stuff for sale

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Hi all!

I've come to the decision/conclusion I won't be doing any more robotics, so I'm offloading some stuff I definitely won't need again. I loved my time doing this hobby and the great community, but the passion isn't there for me anymore despite a few attempts to rekindle it.

3018 Pro CNC Router
Mostics 3018 pro, was £180 new. Only ran for about ~15 minutes total. Unfortunately this version is no longer on Amazon, but is almost identical to
Comes with all accessories included in original package (clamp set + set of engraving bits), plus 10x 1mm milling bits, 10x 1.2mm milling bits, set of 10 0.8-3mm milling bits (1mm bit is missing). Each of the sets of bits was ~£15 originally.
Ideally looking for £200 for everything.
Will be partially dismantled for shipping

I also have some Heavyweight components that I won't list here, but you can see them over on ... ight-parts

I've got some ant/beetle stuff I'll be looking to sell in the future as well, but I need to organise it first and who knows how long that'll take!

Thanks for looking!
Scott Fyfe-Jamieson, Captain of Epic Robotics. Champion of AWS38/41/42.
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