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Re: Proposed rule changes 2015

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Re: Proposed rule changes 2015

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Re: Proposed rule changes 2015

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Re: Proposed rule changes 2015

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Re: Proposed rule changes 2015

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Re: Proposed rule changes 2015

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Re: Proposed rule changes 2015

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Re: Proposed rule changes 2015

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I have just caught up with this thread and I feel like I am going backwards.

1) Honestly I find the nanos and fleas are detracting from the main AWS. A beginner at an AWS with 1 robot will get 2 fights only before the melees if there is time.

2) I don't see any harm with the 3 minutes, not many fights last that long. Plus spinners and fan robots are weaker if they require larger batteries and more chance of something breaking (spinner or otherwise)

3) The cluster/ walker/ fan bot argument is painful for me.

I pulled kwijeboom apart to build the new anticide 2 days before the AWS. SO atm I have no walker, if the rules change I will have to rebuild one to replace my more successful EPZ cluster or swap out a main roller for the cluster.

ALBOF is my most successful robot but I took flak for it being unbeatable. I am torn as to replace it under popular opinion or continue to use it. I don't want to see any design being limited in the rules, we should encourage ingenuity.

If the rules change I will have to build a new walker and probably something to replace ALBOF when I haven't done anything but follow the rules to try and do better in competitions. It takes me a very long time to design and build a new robot, contemplating building 2 new robots for a rule change is upsetting.

If we are trying to reduce entries I don't mind the 4th entry being a walker, but I put a lot of time, effort and money into EPZ, kwijeboom and Albof.
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Re: Proposed rule changes 2015

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All very well said Andy. I don't want you to withdraw ALBOF as I have stated.

To draw the cluster/walker thing to a conclusion, there was pretty much an even split between those wanting to revert back to the old rule and those wanting to keep it as is. Interestingly, generally speaking, the ones who have been doing it longer were happier to revert back than the newer wave, who never fought before the rule change.

Anyway, in my opinion, the split was too close to act on, therefore the only logical conclusion is to leave things as they are. So that's me dropping the debate. If someone else wants to pick it up or object, that's your freedom to. I should probably be less pushily involved in these matters anyway; I am not in charge.

Final thought, for what its worth, I also think the fleaweight and nano comps detract a bit from an AWS day as a whole, but I don't think they are less valid as competitions, and they are a good way for new or (for want of a better word) 'lesser' builders to do better than they do in an AWS. I will always hope we try and include them still, but I am getting less enthusiastic about building for them. Only on a personal level though.
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