Shakeys Beetleweight Shed!

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Shakeys Beetleweight Shed!

Post by Shakey »

I decided to finally build a beetle so here is my first one:


Picture next to it's W I D E beetle buddy Mr Snappy.

Drive is powered by 2 1000rpm beetle motors and the grabbers are on 2 100rpm beetle motors my dad accidentally bought a while back. A Rory beetle ESC for the drive and a Vex29 for each of the grabbing arms.

The drive and grabbers all have a geared system built in that allows the output to sit on an M5 bolt going into an insert in the bulkhead as opposed to sitting right on the motor. This means that it should be much stronger should a spinner ever manage to hit the drive or weapons. Image

In testing it kind of wallowed about the arena not very controllably but after screwing some magnets from the depths of Rorys toolbox to the underside it now performs much better. It did quite well, it had a few glitches in its first fight but these were quickly cleared up.

Future improvements will be to be even wider and small hardox hinged wedges on the forks alongside more easily interchangeable grabbing arms.

And some fights:
First fight with the glitchy drive:
W I D E F I G H T:
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Re: Shakeys Beetleweight Shed!

Post by Rapidrory »

Needs more shed.
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