Beetleweight Flipper Servo

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Beetleweight Flipper Servo

Post by TeamMental »

What would be the best servo to use for a beetle flipper?
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Re: Beetleweight Flipper Servo

Post by haz »

Well you won't get a flipper by using a servo, but I'm guessing you realise that. Jamie's beetle used this: ... 0kg-torque
He did hack it for 360 rotation though because it wouldn't self right with his design otherwise. It was able to pick up and body slam Eggbeater really well, its quite a nice little servo. I'd like to see if it could handle higher voltages to give it a little more speed.
Oh, and a guy on the FRA forums is really quite impressed with your featherweight, don't know if you saw.

Cheers. Haz.
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