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Re: Rule wish list

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Dave26 wrote:Kwejibo, Orkan and MutAnt always perform well, particularly at AWS 36 where I believe all three made it out of the groups. It's just difficult to make a good walker, but that's why they get a weight advantage. I think the amount of walkers we have is pretty much proportionate to the amount of walkers that managed to qualify on Robot Wars. We'd all love to see more of them, but we'd all love to see more original antweights in general. However, its unlikely to happen, as people would rather build something to win than something interesting. Look at me with Morbo (fairly dull, but wins fights) compared to what I used to attempt.
I may offend people slightly by saying that IMHO I don't actually consider either of these walkers particularly interesting...
In which case, I'd rather like to build something I consider interesting rather than what I consider a dull walker

Also, it occurs to me that it isn't the way of encouraging people to build walkers by telling them they may have an equal chance of winning the trophy as the roller/cluster they could have entered for less effort & cheaper.
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Re: Rule wish list

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I'm not sure that deciding about rules from the point of view of someone wanting to encourage a particular type of robot is a good idea, it's more likely to lead to unintended consequences. Who thought the current cluster rule would lead to mini cars running about the arena? Who thought that the all around metal armour rule would lead to lots of all metal armoured robots? I'm certainly not able to predict these things and so I think that rules should be decided from the points of view of safety, clarity and fairness only.
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Re: Rule wish list

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I agree 100% with Simon there.
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