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tom of technology
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Post by tom of technology »

are semi autonimus ants alowed just for and edge detection system because at aws ?? they had a re3ally cool robot bump built by some german guys

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Post by Flippt »

I dont see why not.

And btw, they are Swedish, not German :P
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tom of technology
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Post by tom of technology »

umm oops :oops: :oops: :oops: i meant sweedish :oops:

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Post by leo-rcc »

What I'd like to know is how this edge protection works when your robot is flying through the air. :)

The idea is cool though.
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Re: Autonomous Rules

Post by Hogi »

do robots in the mini sumo championship have to be autonomous?
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Re: Autonomous Rules

Post by BeligerAnt »

Yes, minisumo robots are fully autonomous. They have their own website and forum at
The forum looks very quiet, I don't think there is a huge following for minisumo in the UK, which is a shame as they're not *that* hard to build - but *very* hard to perfect!

As you may have noticed, there is not much about minisumo on this forum - its main focus is R/C combat robots. A few people here have built minisumo robots and we have run minisumo competitions at a few AWS's although I can't see it happening nowadays with so many ants entering the AWS.
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Re: Autonomous Rules

Post by slurp »

The MiniSumo forum has always seen activity in waves, yes it's continuing to be quiet.

Personally I'm plugging away at "low cost" builds to support schools but haven't published much recently - that never helps the ebb and flow of the community. I've missed notice of the last couple of events in Birmingham.

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