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Post by alasdair »

Just came home from the micromouse event (having won 3 prizes (lighted mouse, best documentated mouse, and first place F1))

My next project is going to be a sumo bot. With the same get up and brainy bits as lowblow, he will be a small, surprisingly heavy bot, with carbon fibre armour (to muddle up sensors and sonic) and hinged scoops on all sides. I also plan for him to be really fast.

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Post by peterwaller »

It was a really good event and the antweight demo's and letting people drive them went down well. Thanks to Scott and Alasdair for the help with that. I managed a first with my non contact wall follower narrowly beating Alasdairs teacher who won last time and first and second in the minisumo. There were more competitors and competitions than ever and the line follower event is growing rapidly so I must build one of those.
Alasdair the circuit diagram for LowBlow is on my site

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Post by EpicentrE »

Aye, we had a fun day. Sorry we didn't have the match you wanted in the end Alasdair, Void took way longer to charge than I'd expected :P But congratulations to you and Pete for winning things!

Pete, if there are any picture galleries etc. from this event uploaded, would it be possible to have links to them please?
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Post by slurp »

I had a few pictures of the minisumo at weigh-in but also have a copy of Mike's video.

I'm just editing into one video, I hope to up-load tonight/tomorrow. I post a link when done. One round with AFM was missed :-?


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Post by slurp »

Video done (at last!) I hope this is works as a link:-

Minisumo @ UKMM 2010

I've done a short write up here Minisumo @ UKMM2010 wiki but it needs a tweak with the embedded video and the overall scores are yet to be added.

I really need to find an good video editor, windos moviemaker doesn't output what you preview!

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