Harvest Moon DS

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Harvest Moon DS

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Bethany asked me to find out if anyone knows anything about this new DS game?

(As you're such a big Animal Crossing fan Oliver!)
Gary, Team BeligerAnt

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I only have Harvest Moon for the Gamcube. If I compared it to Animal Crossing, AC would win every time.

In Harvest Moon it got very repetative. You have a basic day where you had to eat, water your plants (unless it rained), catch some fish. Feed your animals, milk the cows, water plants again, then sleep.

You also had a choice of 3 women to marry, then you had to develop your child as he got older and teach him about the farm.

Not sure how the DS version varies, I think most of the Harvets Moon series are the same. I was a good game and kept me busy for a while, but nowhere near as long as Animal Crossing did.

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