Silly RFRC assault course arena mods!

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Silly RFRC assault course arena mods!

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So im collecting ideas on how i should upgrade the RFRC arena with some, frankly, Quite silly mods.
First up Im going to try and incorporate some type of LED/arduino clock with the help of Tom W and others. Should make timing alot more precise! i cant be bothered to type my entire plan up again here but here's a link to another forum where im hopefully going to document the build of that one:
i was also thinking of some arena spinners, probs not brushless or anything because then i would need polycarb (actually thats another mod for another perhaps speed hacked servos on a lowish speed?
Im also going to do some less "insane" upgrades too: like make the walls more sturdy so they dont flex as much, more obsticals and of course a house robot :D
if you guys have any other ideas then go ahead and post it here, also YES I AM BOOKING THE VENUE!!
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