Almost Christmas

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Post by TheAntTrap »

Oh, and good to hear your still building the new ants, what was wrong with them before the AWS?
The all started with Antulocetus's walking mechanism didn't work well, so I try to make a new walking mechanism, but it didn't work again. :(

And the same time I having problems with Antupus, I have tested the Sabertooth 2X5 R/C and try to get it to work but it didn't, and all that happened in a few days, and I gave up last night, so you can understand why I didn't brought them to the competition. :(

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Post by peterwaller »

Got the small scope and off to the model engineering show today at Sandown Park to look at the lathes.
I went for a slightly larger scope so it has a decent screen size. ... p-210.html

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I bought myself an HPI Vorza Flux for Christmas, cause I've been good all year.

Best regards,

Leo van Miert.
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Post by haz »

yep it is nearly xmas, ive had my first mincemeat doughnut, how festive can you get :D

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Wow Leo i didn?t now thats you drive Rc car too.
Maybe I will become a Hot Bodies Ve8 With Alpha car Brushless Combo 2200kv and 5000mha 4s 40c Hardcase Lipo :) an a Dx3s :)

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