Foreign year

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Foreign year

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Hey, guys,
it?s me again :D

As you can see in the Topic (if the word at all is correct) I am thinking about an foreign Year, because my english is terrible and I would like to go to Britain anyway. Because of this I want to ask here, if there is anyone who can take me up, so I can connect that with my Hobby as well. Is there also anyone, who already was guest parent or knows something about that?

The Point is, that I just want to stay in Britain for just an half Year, because of some amusingly Occurences (don?t know, if you understand what I mean^^) and that would be from the beginning of 2011 (somewhere in January) till the summer Holidays in July.
I don?t know if that is at all possible, without any organisation, because I have to go to a School anyway.

Nice Greetings, Victor ;)
(Sorry for my bad english)

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