awsome tune

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awsome tune

Post by haz »

listen to this

sick vid too :D

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Post by Impact »

This video is not available.
(Sorry for my bad english)

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Post by alasdair »

It was available for me

i love this song, and the video is good. it has been 3rd on the charts for like a month!

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Post by muchalucha »

Fight or flight ... ?


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Post by Jonny »

we no speak americano: i love the song but i hate the title!!! since when was there a language called americano? americans speak english :x

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Post by razerdave »

I think what it means by Americano is the WAY in which they speak english. You could talk to a pure bred englishman from Yorkshire but there will be an awful lof of colloquial parts of their speech.

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Post by slurp »

Have you seen Newport? (New York Parody)


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Post by bitternboy »

Awesome song, probably don't need to introduce it...
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Post by muchalucha »

Dont get me wrong pendulums new tuff is great, but its edging towards dance. I msut say i prefer there older dnb. Witchcraft is particualrly good though ;). From there new album i really love self vs self, they did a song with in flames ?!?!?! haha
Fight or flight ... ?


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