Robot Wars Set scrapped

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Simon Windisch
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Robot Wars Set scrapped

Post by Simon Windisch »

A sad epitaph ... cided.html
"In reality, the set had become a liability rather than an asset. Taking the set as a whole, the only value that it had was either a scrap value or the relatively nominal value that an enthusiast of the former TV series might have been prepared to pay to acquire the set as a historical memento."

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Post by thebeardedone »

What a load of rubbish! The set had far more value than any scrap and as for "nominal value that an enthusiast of the former TV series might have been prepared to pay". Well, I, for one, would pay more than ?250 for the arena and would love to seen it continued to be used.

This is a real shame!


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I agree, the arena cannot be replaced, it is part of our history :cry:
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Nathan Windisch
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Post by EpicentrE »

While I obviously disagree with the judge's decision that the set only had scrap value, I honestly don't think he, nor the new owners of the RAF base, are to blame here.

The people who bought the arena left the hanger unlocked, and failed to respond to queries from the new owners of the base regarding the contents of it. Given the circumstances, I find it hard to say that their floccinaucinihilipilification (sorry, it means estimating something as valueless. I just couldn't help myself.) of the arena was unjust.

I had it in my brain somewhere that Ed Hoppit was the one who'd bought it, but I don't know if that's accurate or not, as I'm not really 'in' with the heavy crowd. Maybe someone who is can shed some more light on this.
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Post by peterwaller »

Just to save you all the trouble of having to look it up as well:
the estimation of something as valueless (encountered mainly as an example of one of the longest words in the English language).

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Post by bobblebot »

There is a post on the FRA forum from Robot Arenas Ltd, with their take on it. ... 528#p99528

It's sad, but I doubt it would have been used again anyway, the cost would make it unfeasible for most people.

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Post by razerdave »


The arena was bought by Ed with the intention to run a world champs i it but it never happened so they got it back, and then this happened

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