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Wanna talk about something other than robots? Really?? Can't understand it myself, but if you really want to, do it here....normal rules apply though!!

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Interestin' user info

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Hi, Just thought I'd post some pointless trivia about my user, feel free to do the same.

22% of my posts (including this one) have contained smileys :D

I've taken none of my criteria seriously so people looking at my profile will learn that:
a) I live in a place called "who want's to know"
b)My occupation is "Still at school and lovin' it"
c) My interests involve "Robots, Duh!"

My team catchphrase/signature is completely unrealistic, never in my life have I ever even dented another robot :-?
Jonathan Atkinson
Before you criticize another person, first walk a mile in their shoes. Then, when you critisize them, you'll be a mile away and have their shoes.

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