Fleaweight cube relaxation?

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Fleaweight cube relaxation?

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Not sure many people still reads these boards but here goes...

Is there any support for a rule-change to make the flea-weight cube 4" (to match ants) while keeping the weight limit to 75g ? This has been discussed a few times at events - and for AWS66, the 3" cube rule was dropped (partly because we didn't have a test cube handy and partly to ensure enough entrants in the flea rumble).

A significant proportion of 'proper fleas' already double up as half of an ant cluster. If we relaxed the flea-cube rule to match that of ants, I'm sure there would be a lot more candidates - and it would also be another incentive for ppl to enter clusters.

Both halves of my 'Maxi & Molly' cluster are 3" cube compliant anyway, so doesn't affect me, but it would be nice to see more people entering fleaweights.

Failing a formal rule change, EOs could just announce ahead of the event whether they will be enforcing the 3" cube for any planned fleaweight contest.
Stuart (Tony's dad)
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