Antweights attending Heavyweight events

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Antweights attending Heavyweight events

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Now, I'm not criticising Robots Live or Roaming Robots here, because I can see what a complex operation running one of these thigs is, but a word of warning to an antweight roboteer attending one of these big events for the first time:

You might have to wait about for an hour before your fight is on, this is because the heavies and featherweights go through a safety procedure before each competition starts and finishes, and even if all the robots are running smoothly, it all takes time.

As robots live said on another thread
Ants are running both days, as they will be a featured part of the show on the screen. The fight on the screen will prob not be a competition fight.
Which means, on reflection, that we can have our competitions (perhaps even a full AWS) but we would need to have an exhibition fight ready for when we are given the call by the organisers. The way it seemed to work at Leicester was that we got one five minute shot on the big screen per audience session, so once on Saturday, twice on Sunday. This seems fair, as during each two hour audience session they do two featherweight battles and (I think) four heavyweight ones.

Another thing worth mentioning is that when you get interviewed by the MC you have to get really close to the microphone (lips on mesh) and speak loudly and clearly into it. They do it this way to stop feedback.

One more thing, it worked better when we got the MC to start and stop the fights, giving him a nod when the three minutes are up, not that that ever happens, but perhaps giving him a nod to count down the pit being lowered.

I hope some of that makes sense anyway.


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