n20 gearbox front plate thread size?

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n20 gearbox front plate thread size?

Post by Danieljr1 »

Sorry for the noob question but what size are the threads on the N20 gearbox's front plate?

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Re: n20 gearbox front plate thread size?

Post by GeorgeR »

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Re: n20 gearbox front plate thread size?

Post by MySolderIsOlder »

Hi Daniel,

Like George says, it's M1.6 but do check the clearance behind the holes on your motots. The generic N20 gearboxes vary a lot in design; sometimes you'll find there's a gear wheel close behind the front plate (so a screw that protrudes through by more than a mm or so will literally screw it up) - in other cases there's plenty of space and thread-length isn't an issue.
Either way, my number one source of small machine screws and various other wondrous things is; http://www.modelfixings.co.uk/machine_screws.htm.
They're not cheap and the website design is fabulously archaic but the customer service, the quality and the range of their stock is second to none. They have both socket-head (hex) and 'cheese' head (slot) M1.6 screws in a range of lengths.
Stuart (Anthony's dad)

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