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Re: Dual motor Axe bot

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Literally just had my vex29 on the scales, with shell it's 9/10g (resolution on the scales isn't the greatest), but shelled I got 7g with standard length wires, you could possibly shave a g or 2 by trimming them down depending how neatly you can join them.
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Re: Dual motor Axe bot

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For Baby Hell I use a fingertech tinyESC. Expensive, yes, but at 3g it’s best for weight and will handle 2 HP motors easy (I use them to drive a beetle with no issue).
Control wise, I have a spring-centred Double pole, double throw switch attached to the rudder control. Basically, if you take the leads from the rudder stick and put them at the 3 pins of the switch (middle wire to middle pin), you get a full power shot from the axe in an instant (no going through the range on the normal stick), and it’s such a quick click, the N20’s don’t have time to stall before the spring switch clicks back to neutral.

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Re: Dual motor Axe bot

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Ah okay that’s really good to know thanks Dave
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