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Re: 'Harder Than It Looks' Build

Post by wmoulds »

Hey folks, just an update to where I am in case it may help someone else in the future.

I had bought a robot from nuts and bots for a few reasons, 1 so I could battle two robots, 2 use it as a benchmark and 3 use it as a learning tool. It has succeeded already in helping me to troubleshoot my own robot. I binded it with my Devo 7e and low and behold the right wheel kept spinning at speed and the controls didn't make sense, just like my own robot. Whats the odds, so that got me thinking 'whats the common part between the two?' - the transmitter. So I re-flashed it tonight, followed the instructions exactly once more and binded it up to the nuts and bots robot and boom it worked, needed a little bit of trimming to get it working better but basically working as it should do. I tried binding again to my robot but no luck, the same problem was occurring, the dasmikro does look slightly damaged on one of the FETS so I reckon that's the problem like Shakey mentioned, that full voltage is bypassing it and going straight to the right motor. So I've ordered another dasmikro and hopefully I'll get it soldered up perfectly and this should solve the problem. I'll report back soon.

Peter, thanks for the info on servos. I did find it interesting and very helpful. A book on small combat robots would be very beneficial to many people I would suspect, myself included. Who is your target audience? I am able to comprehend the passage you wrote now, but I feel a month and a half ago I would need it put into layman's term before I understood it, though I suppose you can ease people in with the book and have a good learning curve throughout.

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Re: 'Harder Than It Looks' Build

Post by peterwaller »

You have hit upon the problem if it is too technical it will only be understood by those who probably don't need it but because I understand it I have trouble deciding what a youngster or complete newcomer can comprehend. I think at the moment it is coming out as you have said maybe a little too complex for starters but I have put in a large section on different types of antweights with plenty of example photos and cad drawings of robots I have built so should at least give people ideas on what is possible. There is also a chapter on useful components so that should help starters. Anyway its a work in progress and I have no illusions of it being a best seller but just hope it can be of help to those involved or starting out in this great hobby.

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Re: 'Harder Than It Looks' Build

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Shakey and Peter - cheers for writing those posts out! Not my thread but regardless that was all very interesting and informative.
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