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Post by TheAntTrap »

So Is Strafen going to suck upsidedown or only on one side? Just wondering.
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Post by Andrew_Hibberd »

The suction will only be on one side
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Post by ajrobotics »

Both Strafen and Saint Jimmy look fantastic!

I was considering doing an antweight version of The Saint myself, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out. Are you thinking of doing interchangeable hammers, Dave?

I was also considering making TransparANT III in the same style as Bulletproof/Strafen/ANTipersperANT, so I might have to think of something else now. :P
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Post by joey_picus »

They are indeed looking fantastic, great work Andy and Dave :)

Andy (Jackson rather than Hibberd), you could always take the approach of having a wedge and inverted wedge, but have it the other way the inverted wedge is at the front and the normal wedge at the
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Post by alasdair »

The saint looks like its hard to get a hold of and to push- should be interesting to see if that is the same with ants...
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Post by olivers »

Can one of the mods lock this and create a new thread.

Over 100 pages now.

Andy, Dave, nice work.
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Post by razerdave »

Yes I am making interchangeable bits. I've wired it all up today and put a lid on it, weighs 130g, but I may change the lid for something lighter, doesn't need a 4mm HDPE lid. Getting everything in that barrel was hard work.