DSM2 trouble

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DSM2 trouble

Post by HugoIsOnFire »

Hi, as I've ordered the parts for my flipper, I'm already thinking about putting 2 robots out for AWS 49, and I want to have a DSM2 setup for it, but the Blade transmitters are out of stock and all others are above £50. Does anyone know of a sub-£30 DSM2 transmitter?
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Re: DSM2 trouble

Post by Shakey »

http://robotwars101.org/forum/viewtopic ... 487#p55487

This should be alright. Also a blade isn't a multiple model memory tx, you can run 2 robots off of it.It's just a complete pain.
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Re: DSM2 trouble

Post by AntRoboteer »

It is REALLY awkward to run everything offf of a blade transmitter as you will constantly be fiddling with your trims whenever you change robot. The Devo 7E looks like a rather good option!

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